Village halls, arts venues, shared open spaces, sports facilities - we know these gathering places, amongst others, are at the heart of any cohesive neighbourhood. We know many stakeholders have a vested interested in the long-term role these buildings play in a community, and we help to ensure they remain beneficial well into the future.

A community often only gets one opportunity to obtain funding for their facility, and one opportunity to get it right. Our project team takes the time to discover what the building will means to its users. We empower communities to be involved right from the start of the process - we foster your sense of ownership of your building. We provide a fully defined brief, and all stakeholders have managed representation. End-user group workshops teach us how the building must operate both to generate income and to fulfil its other functions.

We aim to design sustainable, low maintenance and low energy solutions so that the building runs in a cost-effective manner long after the build has ended. Our innovative approaches and focus on value deliver all this within the constraints of your budget.

"We will be using Isaac Mercer going forward in the knowledge that they have our best interests at heart."

(Gym of Olympic Medal Winner Kristian Thomas)

"The relocation of our community based gym can only be achieved through the hardwork and dedication of our staff and volunteers and using funds that are scarce and hard earned. We found that Alun clearly understood this and seemed to always go that extra mile to help us achieve our requirements. We will be using Isaac Mercer going forward in the knowledge that they have our best interests at heart."

"Alun has worked proactively with us to masterplan the re-development of our facilities and whilst doing so has also delivered community based schemes. We have been impressed not only with his professionalism and attention to detail but also his understanding of us as an organisation. We are more than happy to continue using Isaac Mercer for our ongoing project management requirements. Leon Evans, Senior Leader, Zion Christian Centre"